Scrubber Systems



Our self-contained Scrubbers are fume filter units designed to prevent and remove up to 98% of acid and alkaline fumes before they escape into the air. Manufactured either horizontally or vertically, in uPVC, PP or PE, our current range has 11 standard units to combat usual amounts of airflow ranging from 250 l/s to 6000 l/s.

We can also supply all ducting and piping, valves and equipment required to make your scrubber work efficiently and similar to our major chemical clients, we can individually design a unit that works best with your work space and airflow requirements.

For your convenience, our units come complete with two removable observation windows to make servicing clean and easy and for your added convenience, we have developed a service plan to ensure that your scrubber is functional for longer and is always in good working order.


Typical Installations

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Mining Sites
  • Steel Reveries

Standard Ducting Sizes