Fume Cupboard Testing & Maintenance

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Fume Cupboard Testing & Maintenance – Be Certain That You Comply

Here at Hercules Plastics we offer a wide range of customized testing and evaluation services, tailored to suit your individual requirements. Our complete service ensures that you comply to current Australian Standards and you will be provided with detailed analysis at the conclusion of testing. If required, we can also arrange a Certificate of Compliance, approved by NATA, to verify that your fume
cupboard meets Australian Standards.

We also provide all or any of the following services:

  • Full maintenance & service contracts as per
  • Australian Standards 2243.8.2001 or 2243.9.2003
  • Refurbishing of existing fume cupboards
  • Six (6) monthly or twelve monthly (12) annual services as required
  • Testing only – Smoke & velocity tests
  • Cleaning and testing scrubbers and filter boxes



If the need arises we are available to upgrade your existing fume cupboard to meet current Australian standards. We are available to refurbish all the leading and international brands and provide a free assessment to define what your needs actually are. Once defined we are available to complete some, or all of the following:

  • Install the most current controller on the market
  • Install new baffles
  • Replace weight cables
  • Reseal fume cupboard bases